We love exploring different kinds of sound colours and other ways of expressing ourselves through 17th-century music. In the very beginning, we focused mainly on Italian early baroque music in a small chamber music setting. Recently, we started broadening our repertoire, which resulted in expanding the size of our ensemble. For each programme, we are looking for a specific sound (and instrumentation) that we find most convincing for that repertoire.



Our debut CD is now released! With an exciting programme combining the new music by Martijn Padding with chamber music from the 17th century. Buy it directly from us (shipping within The Netherlands included), or contact us for international orders.

"They surprise with a kind of baroque rubato, combined with freedom of tempi [...]. Thus, the music breathes, as a living organism, that passionately -but peacefully- prevails."

Michael Schäfer | Göttinger Tageblatt | May 21, 2017

Drawing of the new organ of the Castello Consort, made by Orgelmakerij Reil.

Our organ project

In 2020, we finalised a very exciting project: the investment in a new pipe organ, built after 17th-century examples. The instrument is unique in its transportability, while no compromises are made in the sound and build quality. Our Committee of Recommendation includes the experts Paul McCreesh, Ton Koopman, Jos van Veldhoven and Liuwe Tamminga.