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Our projects

Besides performing at the foremost festivals and concert series in Europe, we organize several of our own projects and productions. Always with our main goals in mind: bringing the most beautiful music to our audience, and stimulating the interest for and knowledge of music from the renaissance and early baroque periods. The most recent is the investment in a unique new pipe organ, built after seventeenth-century examples - without compromises in sound and quality, but still transportable. This project is already very well received, and will bring a positive influence and a new sound to the early music scene in The Netherlands.

With a little extra help, we are able to realize such dream projects in even better ways. We have been lucky enough to receive various donations from generous private funds and individuals in the past. To continue making new and refreshing productions we still welcome all possible support.

We summed up some of our past, current and upcoming projects and initiatives, to give you some insight into the differences your contribution can make. Your gift will be deeply appreciated!


Netherlands-Norway tour (2015)
Investments in quality sheet music
Research for our programmes


Our new organ
Painting of the organ doors


CD-recording (2020)
Organ presentation concerts (2020)

The Castello Consort in Het Rembrandthuis Amsterdam. Photo by Foppe Schut.

Your benefits

Your support is not only deeply appreciated by us, it might give you some benefits as well. Thanks to our status as Public Benefit Organization, gifts from Dutch residents and businesses to our foundation are deductable from their taxes (up to 150%). As a thank you for your gift, we are offering various presents - ranging from invitations to our concerts to intimate house concerts. 

If you would like to support us in any way other than financially, please contact us. We would very much like to inform you of further options and are always happy to discuss any specific ideas you may have.